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How to Install Plugins on Your Server

Customization is one of the best things about Minecraft. There are lots of game modes and minigames to play. It’s just full of fun! How is this possible? Plugins! We’ll show you how to add plugins to your new server!

Here you can find our guide for recommended Bukkit/ Spigot/ Paper plugin.


Plugins are an addition to your server which will make your experience greater.

The best thing about plugins is that they do not need to be set up on each player’s client like mods. Players will be able to join with the normal Minecraft client regardless of how many plugins your server is running.

With plugins you will be able to do a lot of new things on your server, like protecting areas, creating kits, using an economic system, and much more.

❗❗❗ NOTE ❗❗❗

You have to be sure that your server is running on Spigot, Paper or CraftBukkit! Remember that single Vanilla can’t run plugins.

So check first you are running one of the three mentioned above, otherwise, you will have to change your server type. We recommend you do a backup before any server type changes!

You can check our guide for changing your server type and version here and the one for making a backup here.

Installing Plugins via Multicraft

The easiest way to install plugins on your server is using the Plugin List from your Multicraft panel.

To do so please follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your Multicraft panel here and stop your server.

  1. Click on Installers, then on Plugin Installer.

  1. Select the plugin you want.

  1. Select the desired version, then click on Install.

  1. Start your server

You can use the /plugins command to see the active plugins on your server!

Installing Plugins Manually

You can also download plugins from Bukkit or Spigot and then upload them using FileZilla to your server’s /plugins directory.

To install a plugin manually you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Download the plugin you want checking that you get the version you need according to your server version.

  1. Login in your Multicraft panel here and stop your server.

  1. Connect via FileZilla to your server and upload the plugin to your server plugins folder.

Here is our guide for connecting via FileZilla to your server.

  1. Start your server

You can use the /plugins command to see the active plugins on your server!

Done! Now your server will load the plugins you have uploaded!
Remember to always upload plugins that correspond to your current server version!

✔️ How to Find Plugins and Get Support for Them ✔️

Usually, you can find plugins on two sources:

We do not recommend downloading plugins from other sources.

Also, here is our guide with recommended Minecraft plugins that will you give you a lot of good ideas for plugins to add to your server.

Also, to contact the author of a plugin for the support you just need to open the official page and click on the Ask Questions/ Get Support button. You will be prompted to a way to contact the author of the plugin for support or questions.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.

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Updated on May 29, 2019
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