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Voids Wrath

About Server Type

Voids Wrath offers popular modpacks developed by TheAtlanticCraft.
You can easily download and install Voids Wrath modpacks using the Voids Wrath launcher. No need to worry about downloading all of the individual mods.
Voids Wrath, Crazy Craft 3.0 and Crusader Craft are amongst the popular modpacks offered through the launcher. Many of the modpacks focus on bringing RPG elements to Minecraft.
We provide all of the most popular Voids Wrath modpacks as 1-click installs in our control panel or pre-installed when you order.

  • Versions
    We offer the latest version of each modpack.
  • Modpacks Offered
    Crazy Craft, Crusader Craft, Dream Craft, Jurassic Craft, PokePack, Voids Wrath
  • Website

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