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The Mod/Modpack Installation and Support addon includes the installation and configuration of a modpack on your server.

REQUIREMENTS: In order to utilize this addon, you need to first have a Minecraft server with GGServers.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: This addon includes the installation, setup, and support of one modpack on a single server. This addon also includes the installation and setup of any updates to the same modpack as initially installed and support for the modpack for the lifetime of the server.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: This addon does not include any sort configuration of the server or the modpack.

PRICE: The price for the Mod/Modpack Installation and Support addon is $5.00 per server.

Once purchased, you will get an email with the subject "GGServers - Mod/Modpack Installation Form". This form must be completed and submitted to our Mod/Modpack Support department in the form of a ticket. You can submit a ticket by going to this link: Alternatively, you can respond to the email sent to you with the information required, this will automatically open a ticket.

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