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BungeeCord Setup and Support Addon ­ $10

The BungeeCord Setup and Support addon is intended for clients who wish to run a small to medium sized server network with their GGServers services.

In order to utilize this addon, you will need at least 3 servers. Because of the nature of BungeeCord, you would need to purchase this addon for each BungeeCord server you wish to set up.

The BungeeCord Setup and Support addon includes a successful setup (installation and configuration) of BungeeCord on one single server with connections to a maximum of 8 Spigot servers. If you wish for your BungeeCord server to work with more than 8 Spigot servers, there will be an additional cost for us to set that up for you. For more information, open a ticket with our Sales department and they will happily assist.

This addon does not include the installation or configuration of BungeeCord plugins. You can order our Plugin Installation addon if you would like us to install BungeeCord plugins. This addon also does not include configuring your Spigot servers. This means that you are responsible for ensuring that your Spigot servers are configured properly to work with your BungeeCord server. Instructions on how to do this can be provided to you upon request.

The price for the BungeeCord Setup and Support addon is $10.00 per server. Once purchased, you will get an email with the subject "GGServers ‐ BungeeCord Setup Form". This form must be completed and submitted to our BungeeCord Support department in the form of a ticket (alternatively, you can reply to the email with the details). You can submit a ticket by going to this link: https://ggservers.com/billing/submitticket.php.

BungeeCord will not always work with a modpack. We will not provide support for any issues that occur from installing BungeeCord and mods/modpacks together.

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