Installation: ATLauncher

This guide will show you how to go use ATLauncher and install it onto your server.



-Knowledge on how to use FTP, and a FTP program (

    -AT Launcher (


Downloading Files

In order to download the server files, you will need to navigate to the “Packs” tab of the ATLauncher, search for the modpack you want, then click on “Create Server”.




After that, you will have to select the optional mods you want, if the modpack offers them, then click on install. Note: Not all optional mods found when downloading the client version of the modpack will be in the server version, since there are some mods which are not server-sided, such as minimap, or HUD altering mods(e.g Zan’s Minimap, Damage Indicators).



Your server files will then be found by accessing the “Servers” subfolder from the ATLauncher folder.


Installing the Modpack

     1. Create a new folder called JAR in the server folder you just downloaded.

     2. Rename the “forge.versionnumber.jar” to simply “forge.jar”.



     3. Move the forge.jar, the minecraft_server jar and the libraries folder inside your new “jar” folder.

     4. Delete everything from your server using FTP.

     5. Upload all server files created by ATLauncher to your server using FTP.

     6. Change the jar file in your Multicraft Control Panel to “forge.jar”, then click on save at the bottom of the page. For 1.7.10 versions or higher, you also have to click on ACCEPT EULA.

     7. Start the server!

If you still have any issues installing your AT Launcher modpack, you can purchase our Plugin Support and Setup Addon and we will help you get everything set up.

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