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Votifier is a plugin that lets your users vote for your server on various sites for items/money ingame.

Before setup, you will need a few things. 

          1: Votifier
          2: GiveAnything Listener
          3: Vault
          4: An economy plugin(if you have essentials, you already have this)
          5: Some patience.

First thing you need to do is put votifier.jar, vault.jar, and GAListener.jar into your plugins directory.
Next, you'll want to set up GAListener. The config is fairly easy to figure out.

After that you'll want to set up votifier's port. To begin with try 8192, the default. Go to a voting service, such as http://minecraft-mp.com and set up your server. The votifier address is your server address, and the port is what you have in your votifier configuration. The public key can be attained by going into /plugins/votifier/rsa/public.key. Open that file in your multicraft FTP Browser and copy the whole contents of public.key. Paste it in the public key field on the website.

Make sure votifier is setup correctly following the test here: https://minecraftservers.biz/votifier/test/

Send a Test vote. If this does not work then go into votifier, set another port, preferably numerically close to the default one, like 8193, then put the new port on the vote site, and try a test vote again. If it doesnt work, repeat trying different port numbers until it does work, and then everything should be set up. You just supply the information on all the vote sites you want to use.

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