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FAQ: Can I upgrade my Minecraft server?


Why: Reasons you may consider upgrading.

If you bought a server to test plugins, to build, or to start a small server and you are in need of a little or a lot more speed and potential for your server, then upgrading is the smart move.


What: What does upgrading your RAM do?

GGServers provides an affordable upgrade in the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) your server has access to. To put it simply RAM is what your server runs on. All the information needed to run a server is loaded onto the RAM and the more there is, the more your server will be able to handle without producing Lag.


How: How do I upgrade to a bigger server?


Step 1) Login to your billing account at http://ggservers.com/billing




Once you have logged in, you should be taken to your Account Overview page.


Step 2) Click on SERVICES, then click on MY SERVICES.

You will be taken to the My Products & Services page.




Step 3) Click on the service you wish to upgrade, then click on “Upgrade”

You will be taken to a list of plans to choose from.



Step 4) Click on the button that says “Choose Product”next to the plan you wish to upgrade to. The one you currently are running on is indicated at the top of the page.


Step 5) Complete the transaction just as you did when you originally bought the server.

You should receive a confirmation number once the transaction is complete.

You can navigate back to SERVICES -> MY SERVICES to confirm that your transaction went through and that you have the appropriate services listed..



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