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 How to change your server's seed

This guide will give you the steps necessary to change your server’s seed. Note: In order to use...

 How to create a MySQL database

Do you need a MySQL Database for a mod or plugin on your server, but are not sure how to create...

 RAM Recommendations - How much RAM do I need?

Minecraft has always been known as a memory intensive game, and while it is, nothing is more...

 Server Activation

When you order a server from us, the server is generally activated instantly after your payment...

 Vanilla/SMP Commands

Player commands These commands can be used in the chat window by any player who is allowed to...

 FTP File Access

Using FileZilla: 1. Download the FileZilla Client from the official FileZilla Site....

 Upload and Use a Custom JAR

  This guide will guide you on how to upload and use your own JAR file, whether it be a...

 Upload Your Own World

This guide will show you how to upload existing world files to your server. The easiest way to do...

 Reset Your Server and Worlds

This guide will show you how to reset your server and worlds on your server. The easiest way to...

 Add A Minecraft Server Icon

To add a server icon, log into Multicraft, select and stop your Minecraft server, then follow...

 Add Color to Your Server MOTD/Message

In Multicraft, navigate to Files - > Config Files -> Server Message From here you will...

 How To Use NBTExplorer

What is NBT Explorer? NBTExplorer is a graphical NBT Editor based on NBTEdit. The differences...