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What is NBT Explorer?

NBTExplorer is a graphical NBT Editor based on NBTEdit. The differences between NBTEdit and NBTExplorer are that NBTExplorer is fully compatible with minecraft's region files, it has a dropdown directory-tree interface for ease of usage, and it offers support for the latest NBT Standard. NBTExplorer is also built on top of Substrate.

Why and when should I use NBT Explorer?

You should use NBT Explorer when you need to attempt to solve any ticking issues without creating a new world. You would use NBT Explorer to generate a crash report. In your crash report, you will get something like this:
-- Entity being ticked --
Entity Type: null (net.minecraft.client.entity.EntityClientPlayerMP)
Entity ID: 882
Entity Name: TheObster
Entity's Exact location: -432.64, 66.62, 1002.98
Entity's Block location: World: (-433,66,1002), Chunk: (at 15,4,10 in -28,62; contains blocks -448,0,992 to -433,255,1007), Region: (-1,1; contains chunks -32,32 to -1,63, blocks -512,0,512 to -1,255,1023)
Entity's Momentum: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

If your crash report does show this, then the problem is already solved. See below for explanation.

How to use NBTExplorer

          Step 1. Download your world folder from the FTP. (For help, use our article on FTP File Access.)
          Step 2. Download NBTExplorer from here.
          Step 3. Unzip NBTExplorer and open it.
          Step 4. Click on File -> Open Folder, then search for the world folder you downloaded, and open it.
          Step 5. Now that you opened NBT Explorer, and your world, click on Search -> Chunk Finder. You have this part from the Crash Report "Chunk: at 15,4,10 in -28,62", and also this one " Region: -1,1". Now, the numbers that interest us are "-28,62" and "-1,1". -28 and 62 refer to the chunk the entity is in, and -1,1 refer to the region.
          Step 6. In the chunk finder, put in the region X and Z the two numbers from region, in this case, -1 and 1, and the Chunk X and Z, in this case, -28 and 62. Now click on Find Chunk.
          Step 7. The chunk's folder should open. Double click on Level, and then do the same for TileEntities. You will have a list of entities. Open each one, until the X, Y and Z coordinates match with the ones from the Entity's Exact Location, in this case -432.64, 66.62 and 1002.98. When you find it, simply delete it, and reupload the world to your server.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact our support team and we will assist you as much as we can.

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