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This is a guide on how to use the backup feature within the Multicraft panel.


Before starting the guide, we’d like to point out that we can not guarantee that this backup feature will always work, this is unfortunately an issue with the current multicraft version.  We recommend doing a Full FTP Backup instead of this.  For a tutorial on how to use FTP, check out this Knowledgebase:


Before following this guide, keep in mind that this only backs up your world, and nothing else.  If you have any plugin configurations or modpack setups you’d like to keep, you must download them to your computer using FileZilla.  We ask that you do not create too many world backups using multicraft.  Please try to keep only one backup on your server at a time, and delete all excessive ones.


Step 1:

First, you need to log in to your Multicraft panel.  From your server’s page, click the Files menu to open the sub-menu and then click Backup.



Step 2:

Once you’re in the Backup page, starting a backup is no problem. Simply click the start button, and the backup will commence.




Once the backup has finished, the page will refresh and it will tell you that the Backup is done and ready for download. It will also inform you when the backup was created.

To start restoring your backup, simply click the Restore button on the left side.


Once done, the page will prompt you with a pop-up box. This is a warning alerting you that the restore function will overwrite any existing files in the restore location. Read over it, and click OK/Cancel, depending on what you’d like to do. Clicking OK will start the restore. Before you restore your backup, ensure that your server is stopped and won’t start up the next 5-10 minutes. That way, we know the restoration will be successful.


Once the restore has started you will be able to see its progress in the console. Once it’s finished, it will tell you that the Unpack is done ([Multicraft] Unpack done.) Congratulations, you’ve successfully restored your backup.


Again, we do recommend using an FTP client to perform any backups you wish to use, as we cannot guarantee the success of the MultiCraft backup function.


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