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In this instruction article, we are going to show you how to cancel a PayPal Automatic Payment Subscription.


Step 1:

To cancel your subscription, you will first need to log into the PayPal account that the subscription was set up under. (This is not something you can do from the GGServers client area, you must go to the PayPal website to login.) Once you have logged into your paypal account, you will open your PayPal Profile by clicking the gear in the top right corner of the page. (Circled in blue in below screenshot.)

Step 1.png


Step 2:

On your profile, click on the “Payments” tab. Under “Manage Upcoming Payments”, you need to click on Preapproved Payments.


Step 3:

On the Preapproved Payments page you will see a list of all Preapproved Payments and subscriptions set up under that PayPal account. Under the Merchant heading, you will need to find the subscription labeled as GGServers Ltd. and click on the name.

Step 3.png


Step 4:

On this subscription page under subscription details click the cancel button. (Circled below in blue.)

Step 4.png


Step 5:

A dialog should come up and ask you to confirm that you want to cancel the subscription and you will click Cancel profile to confirm.

Step 5.png


Step 6:

At this point you have canceled your PayPal subscription and a dialog will confirm this at the top of the page.

Step 6.png

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