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This guide will tell you how you can change your server JAR setting in Multicraft to a different JAR that we provide. (Note: If you want to use a custom JAR file that is not one of the default choices we provide, please follow the guide on how to upload and use a custom JAR file.) This JAR selection tool also functions as an Automatic Modpack Installer, so we recommend that you make a backup of your server files through an FTP client such as FileZilla if you wish to keep any files on the server.


         Step 1: Begin by logging into your Multicraft Control Panel with your username and password.

        Step 2: Once logged in, select the server you wish to change the JAR file for, if you have multiple servers. If you only have one server, don’t worry about this step.

         Step 3: On your server’s page, first stop the server.

         Step 4: Find the top dropdown menu in the JAR File section.


         Step 5: Click on the dropdown menu to open up the list of choices and select the one you wish to use.

       Step 6: Once the JAR file you wish to use is selected, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green “Save” button, at the bottom of the page. If the selection choice you have made is a modpack requiring additional files, you will get a prompt at the top of the page, as shown in this image.

         Step 6a: If you did not receive the above Prompt, proceed to Step 7. If you did, press Ok to continue. You will be brought to the Setup Scheduler page. Check the box for Delete All Server Files and insert your MultiCraft password, then press Apply. This is why it is important that you backup any files you wish to keep prior to beginning this guide. Once you press Apply, it will delete all files on the server and replace them with the fresh modpack. Do not check Run Setup on every server start unless you want it to reinstall the modpack fresh very time you start the server.


         Step 7: In order for the change you just made to take effect, you will need to now start your server. Once you have restarted your server, the JAR file your server uses will have changed and your mods, if any, will be installed.


There you have it! You now know how to change the JAR file on your server using Multicraft! Remember, if you want to use a JAR file that is different than the ones we provide, follow our guide on how to upload and use a custom JAR file. The guide you are currently reading will not work for custom JAR files.

If you have any questions or run into any trouble along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by opening a ticket in your billing control panel.

NOTE: If you don’t see the option to change your JAR file on your paid server, contact our Technical Support team by opening a ticket in your billing control panel. The JAR file is not able to be changed on free trial servers.

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