FTP File Access

Using FileZilla:

1. Download the FileZilla Client from the official FileZilla Site. (https://filezilla-project.org/download.php)

2. Install FileZilla and open it.

3. Log into your Multicraft console and navigate (left hand side) to Files > FTP File Access

4. In this page, it should show you the host address (IP address), username and the password is your Multicraft password.

5. Make note of that information and put it into the top bar in FileZilla, where it shows host, username, password and port.

6. Click on Connect, and you should be connected to your FTP server for your Minecraft server.  You should be able to upload/download and modify files as necessary here.

Using Multicraft webclient:

1. Log into Multicraft and navigate (left hand side) to Files > FTP File Access

2. Log into the FTP area with your Multicraft Password.

3. That's it! Your files will appear in a web orientated FTP client

When to use the Webclient and When to use a FTP client?

  • Use the Webclient when you are moving your files around the FTP server, like moving your whole modpack libraries folder into your 'jar' folder.

  • Use the Webclient if you are deleting stuff.

  • Use the FTP client, if you are uploading Plugins/Modpacks/Worlds/etc.

  • Use the FTP client mainly, because the webclient doesn't support much features like uploading a whole folder.

  • Our technicians mainly use FileZilla for FTP access as it supports more features and can upload more files at once than the webclient.

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