How to make yourself an admin on your Rust Server

This guide will instruct you on how to make yourself an admin on your Rust Server hosted by GGServers.

First, you will need to install an RCON program to your PC, we recommend you use Rusty

For the more advanced users, you can also use RustAdmin

To log into your Rusty you will need to enter the following information:

1. Navigate to the Settings tab and fill out your Server Settings.

2. Your IP can be found on your Control panel and the RCON port can be found when previewing your commandline.

3. You will need to create an RCON password which would be set up with the Commandline Manager.

  - Click the 'Commandline Manager' button.

  - Click 'New'

  - Enter your passwords as desired.

  - Save the command line.

  - Click 'Select' on the right hand side of the page to activate your commandline.

4. Once you've logged into Rusty run these commands:


ownerid <steamid64> "player name"


You must use a Steam64ID (looks like 16884325126023) which you can obtain with this website

If you feel you need more assistance, or have any issues with your RUST server, please feel free to submit a support ticket with our GameServer Technical Support Team, and they will be able to help you troubleshoot the issues with your server.

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