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Usually when we tell you that we need to move your server it means that there is a memory issue on your current panel. We will need to move you to another node, but before we do this, we need a few things:

1: You need to backup all of your server files to your computer or an external file host if you have one. Moving to a new node will wipe all files on the current node for your server, and you will be issued a new server on the node you are moved to.
2: We need to know where you live, so we can put you on the best node for your location (State or Province, and Country)
3: We need to know if you have a dedicated IP (address without port) active.
4: We need to know the Server and Panel ID numbers. You can get this from the multicraft link.
          For example if your link is then your Panel id is 105 and Server id is 406.
5: We need you to reply to the ticket when you have backed up your files and with the above information.

This should make the process easier and much faster for you, and us.

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